Lila Group consists of companies that have made a tremendous impression with their expertise, experience, and investments in their sectors since its establishment in 1984, and are highly reputable for their innovation and quality.

Lila Energy

Lila Energy was established in 2005 to provide uninterrupted, environmentally friendly and reliable energy to existing textile facilities and in a short time became one of the important and independent power plants in the region.

With the additional investments made in 2008 and 2010 in the facility, which was established with a capacity of 17.46 MW, the capacity was increased 5 times and reached 75 MW, thus achieving high maneuvering capabilities.

In addition, 24 tons of superheated steam at 18 bar pressure and 95 tons of hot water at 80 degrees per hour can be produced at the facility.

With the electrical energy obtained by using natural gas and coal in the energy facilities, all the energy needs of the production facilities in the campus are met.